Still a little hesitant? Read about the experiences of past and current Soul Support clients and how they’ve benefited from this heartfelt and Spirit-led service!

Kiesha B., Yoga Community Leader:

I remember my session vividly but like a dream. My heart was heavy, I left feeling light. My session was in my home, which was good on so many levels. Tori held me heart as if it were hers. What did we do? I vented about how shit is fucked up, I cried, yeah we hugged, then she connected me to this hole in my heart…we zoned out to Prince.

March 2017
Charlotte, NC

Dee M.:

I’d been searching for a Reiki practitioner for at least a year, and then the Universe connected me to Tori. What an experience! Have you ever felt energized and still at the same time? Well, that was the after-effect following both of my sessions. If you’re considering Reiki or even just curious, I’d highly recommend that you treat yourself to some very necessary self-care and book a session with Tori.

March 2017
Charlotte, NC

Crystal S., Creator of OpenSoul Yoga & Home Goods:

I feel electric, energetic, calm, weightless yet grounded, blessed, supported, and loved. Grateful beyond measure for Tori and her Soul Support and Reiki session. When she says she’s here to offer support and love, she means it, without conditions.

January 2017
Charlotte, NC

Leslie K., Licensed Massage Therapist & Yoga Instructor:

As a Massage Therapist self care is extremely important to my success & longevity. Today I took time to invest in care for myself with a session administered by Tori James. It was just what I needed the positive benefits included reducing pain and promoted a greater awareness of mind-body connection. She created a feeling of comfort, safety and control. I feel ready for the holidays. I will be calling her again for my next session before Christmas.

November 2016
Charlotte, NC

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