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What do Soul Support prices cover?


During our session, my full energy and attention are dedicated solely to you and your Self care. When I am engaged with you, your being and welfare are my top priority, and I am lovingly at your service. This soulful devotion is the core of each and every Soul Support session.

Preparing for this high level of spiritual service takes many hours of meditation, research, study, and inner energy work. The prices of all sessions cover the sacred time and energy invested in being your soul worker, both before and during your session. But most importantly, session income allows me to be able to offer this much needed service as often as possible and to as many people as possible.

Where are Soul Support sessions held?

I operate out of Charlotte, NC. Soul Support sessions are local and are held in the client’s home for convenience and comfort. Virtual sessions are conducted via phone call, messenger, or video chat, and can be held for anyone across the US.  I can also travel for Soul Support sessions upon request.

Is a contract or deposit needed to reserve service?


Yes. There is a non-refundable retainer fee to reserve your session date and time. An invoice payable by credit/debit card will be sent via email. Out of respect for my and other clients’ time, if you are more than 15 minutes late for your session, you’ll have to reserve a new session with a new retainer fee. Also, this FAQ serves as an agreement that outlines the general Soul Support Spiritual Wellness Services terms and conditions. This is to protect both me as a professional and you as a client.

Do you offer group classes and workshops?

Yes! I offer both public and private group classes. Check out the Soul Support calendar on Eventbrite as well as the Soul Support Facebook page for upcoming events.

I am also available to create and conduct workshops on a multitude of topics such as energy healing, spiritual growth journeys, affirmation writing, beginners’ Yoga, and much more.

Are your services and our conversations confidential?

top-secretAbsolutely! Anything and everything that you express during a Soul Support session is completely confidential and will not be shared with anyone. The only exception to this rule is if I feel that you are in danger of any type of Self-harm, in which case I will alert a loved one. I also will not inform anyone that you are receiving services unless you have given me explicit consent for a testimonial.

Is a Soul Support session at all sexual or romantic?


No! Soul Support sessions are 100% non-sexual and platonic in nature, and there is no secret password, phrase, or anything else to make it otherwise. If you are seeking a more sexually intimate encounter, please look to another service. If a person attempts to force a sexual encounter during a Soul Support session, they will be immediately reported to the police and charges will be filed.

Are any government licenses required to conduct a Soul Support session?

silhouette-165527_1280According to the NC Board of Massage & Bodywork Therapy, Rule Section .0203, state licensure is not required because Soul Support sessions involve only the resting of hands on the surface of the body without applying any pressure to or manipulation of soft tissues. Any other physical contact techniques employed during a Soul Support session are intended only to affect human energy fields and not to produce any specific medical results, and are therefore also exempt from licensure (NC General Statute 90-624, 7).

However, just because state licensure is not required does not mean you will receive anything less than professional and knowledgeable service. Physical touch techniques (such as Yoga and energy healing) are informed by both scientific data and spiritual philosophies that have been carefully studied and evaluated to give you a wholesome, comforting, and safe experience.

Is Soul Support Spiritual Wellness Services a replacement for a licensed doctor or mental health therapist?

keep-calm-and-go-to-the-doctorNo. My primary role is in a supportive capacity. Soul Support Spiritual Wellness Services is not a licensed authority on either mental health or physical health, and I cannot make any formal diagnoses, pharmaceutical suggestions, or expert recommendations. If you feel that you are in need of a medical doctor or mental health therapist of any sort, I highly encourage you to pursue that avenue in the interest of your best care. Soul Support Spiritual Wellness Services may certainly be used in conjunction with already established health regiments, but should in no way be considered a viable replacement for professional evaluation and aid.

How can I get in touch with you?

Fill out the contact form below to request a Soul Support consultation or session. I look forward to being a part of your spiritual wellness journey!