Self Care Package

With a Self Care Package, you set your intentions and goals, and I work to help you reach them. Together we create a customized weekly Soul Support plan to address your greatest inner growth needs and to build stronger Self care habits.

Self Care Packages allow for more guidance and structure than a single Soul Support session can provide, and is a great option for those who want to deepen their commitment to their Self growth. You can choose from any Soul Support services—energy healing, Yoga guidance, life coaching, and affectionate safe space—and can even combine your favorites. Every week can be the same service, a different service, or a blend of your preferred services. Each tailor-made package is personalized to meet your individual Self care needs.

Self Care Packages include:
– One weekly Soul Support session with the service(s) of your choice
– Weekly Self care assignments such as reading, journaling, and meditation
– Email check-ins between sessions for accountability and encouragement
– Sharing of useful article and video resources that aid in Self care growth

Packages are four consecutive weeks and can be extended to multiple months.


4-Week Package with
1-Hour Weekly Sessions


4-Week Package with
2-Hour Weekly Sessions