Soul Support Sessions


A Soul Support Session is intimate time and space for you to connect with your inner Self through loving and attentive care. With an approach balanced in both scientific and spiritual study, Soul Support Sessions offer Chakra energy healing, gentle Yoga guidance, compassionate life coaching, and affectionate safe space. During our session, my full energy and attention are dedicated solely to you and your Self care. When I am engaged with you, your being and welfare are my top priority, and I am lovingly at your service.

Soul Support Sessions are conducted in the privacy of your home for the utmost convenience and comfort to promote your wellness. For new clients, we will first have a virtual consultation to connect and assess if we will be a right fit for each other.

Session Options

Chakra Energy Healing

The intention of Chakra energy work is to balance the flow of our inner life force and clear any energy blockages that may be hindering emotional release and physical healing. Through the use of multiple energy healing techniques, I work to calm your body into a comfortable and serene state of being to help boost your own self-healing abilities.

Gentle Yoga Guidance

With gentle Yoga guidance, I will create a simple, custom asana (posture) flow that caters to your body’s abilities and needs. I will also guide you through basic Yoga philosophy, deep breathing exercises, and mindful meditations.

Compassionate Life Coaching


Through genuine and authentic conversation, we create a safe space for you to be open and vulnerable about anything you need to release for your emotional healing. This is an intimate exchange for you to be fully heard by someone who is fully present.

 Affectionate Safe Space

Touch is one of our most powerful senses. Unfortunately, it is also one of our most neglected needs. Affectionate safe space addresses this need with platonic, non-sexual embrace.

Self Care Package

With a Self Care Package, you set your intentions and goals, and I work to help you reach them.  Together we create a customized weekly Soul Support plan to address your greatest inner growth needs and to build stronger Self care habits.