Chakra Energy Healing

As spirit beings dwelling in physical bodies, our inner thoughts, feelings, and emotions directly affect our outer energy, and vice versa. Chakras are energy centers within our bodies that align with different spiritual aspects. As an energy worker, I help strengthen your soul’s connection to the higher vibration energy of God/Spirit/Universe through deep breathing and the gentle placing of hands at different Chakra points. This practice helps to balance the flow of our inner life force and clear any energy blockages that may be hindering emotional release and physical healing.

My energy healing techniques are informed by the Chakra energy system and the methods of Reiki (Usui Mikao) and Pranic healing (Choa Kok Sui). Both methods are non-religious spiritual practices that focus on self healing through life force energy. Energy healing sessions involve non-massage, fully-clothed touching of primarily the arms, shoulders, legs, head, and hands. Everyone experiences a Chakra energy healing session differently; many report feeling calmness, peace, and relaxation. However, your experience will be uniquely your own and is based on your current spiritual and emotional state.


One-Hour Session
One Service – One Person

In-Home Session

Private Studio Rental
(requires at least 48 hours notice)

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Two-Hour Session
Up to Two Services – Up to Two People

In-Home Session

Private Studio Rental
(requires at least 48 hours notice)


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