About Soul Support

“Self care” is a popular phrase tossed around a lot these days, yet it can be hard to actually do. Sometimes we need help improving our emotional wellness and spiritual development. Sometimes we need someone to be a safe space for us to be open and vulnerable. Sometimes we just need to be held. And all of that is okay. Because despite the term, Self care doesn’t have to be by yourself.

Through loving and attentive care, Soul Support Spiritual Wellness Services helps you focus on deepening your connection with your Self. Soul Support is about strengthening your mind, heart, and soul through Chakra energy healing, gentle Yoga guidance, compassionate life coaching, and affectionate safe space.

Self care is an ever-evolving path of inner growth work. Soul Support is about holding space for you to fully feel and to deeply heal as you travel this journey within.

Meet Your Spiritual Wellness Coach & Guide

Eternity Philops, SOUL SupporterI am Tori James (also known as Eternity Philops), the creator and core of Soul Support Spiritual Wellness Services. I began this Charlotte-based service company to create safe opportunities for women to emotionally release and spiritually heal on a deeper level.

My academic background reflects my desire for exploring and supporting human connection. I have a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in the dual fields of psychology and sociology (UNC-Greensboro) and have earned my graduate-level post-baccalaureate degree in women and gender studies (UNC-Charlotte).


An RYT-200 registered Yoga Alliance instructor, I am trained and certified in both modern Hatha Yoga (Kiesha Battles, I AM YOGA) and spiritual Kemetic Yoga (Yirser Ra Hotep, YogaSkills School of Kemetic Yoga). I also independently study the traditional eight limbs of Raja Yoga, which gives my style a meditative approach. As an energy worker, I am a Level II Reiki practitioner (Asha Sims, Ashakti Wellness), as well as a Certified Spiritual Life Coach (World Coach Institute).

It is my honor and pleasure to help guide others on their spiritual growth journey of Self-love. ❤