When Spirit Speaks: One Hundred Micro Meditations for the Heart and Soul, Volume One

I’m happy to announce my first book of the year, When Spirit Speaks, the beginning of what will be a four volume series. This collection has been a long time in the making, mainly because it’s a collection of many of my motivational social media posts over a number of years. My intention is for this book, and all after it, to be a great companion text for everyone on their own Self care journey.

Take a look and make it a part of yours!

Book description:

When Spirit Speaks is a collection of Spirit-led, meditative quotes and aphorisms. An amalgamation of years of motivational social media posts inspired by the author’s personal experiences and inner revelations, this series of micro meditations was created to encourage others on their own spiritual and emotional Self-growth journey. Intentionally brief, readers can choose to browse the entire text in a single sitting for quick inspiration throughout the day, or select one piece at a time for deep meditation. Whether it’s at your prayer altar or at your work desk, during morning meditation or evening contemplation, reading each page in order or at random, these inner reflections will connect with your heart and soul for Spirit to speak to you.

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